Rotary/Church help students feed other students in Angel Fire


Eloragh Espie in the Interact Club’s food pantry at Moreno Valley High School. (Photo by Ellen Miller-Goins)

Moreno Valley High School (MVHS) has needed a food program for awhile. Currently, the school does not have a traditional lunch program; students bring food from home or go off campus to eat.

It came to the Rotary Club’s attention last year that some students do not have a reliable supply of food in their homes, and they have no means to buy food or drive off campus.

A food pantry seemed to be an effective way of creating a safe and reliable food source for students in need. The food pantry was designed to serve all students regardless of socioeconomic status, and it has appealed to all student at various times. This program has already received support from the community after operating for only two months. This has been an example to MVHS students; if one person is strong enough to stand up and offer a solution to a problem many will support them.

I want the food pantry to be a means to an end. MVHS is striving to provide an exceptional education, and we want to offer students every resource needed to achieve that goal.

Food, and food education, is one step toward a better academic life, a stronger community, and a brighter future for the students at MVHS.

Interact Club (a Rotary Club sponsored organization for teenagers aged 14-18) is grateful to the United Church of Angel Fire for their incredibly generous donation of $2,600. Thanks to them, the food pantry will have many months of continuous operation to support our students.

Sign outside the pantry
Students and members of the United Church of Angel Fire enjoy a celebratory pizza lunch at Moreno Valley High School.