Schools need to coordinate schedules

Moreno Valley High School officials and Cimarron Municipal School Superintendent James Gallegos need to get together and decide when our children will be attending school.

When we look at the schedules for the charter and public schools, we see 16 different conflicts. That’s a problem for parents.

The Cimarron Municipal School District is a unique school district where most of the time the school week is four days. This saves the district money in transportation and other expenses.

But many weeks, school officials have to schedule classes on Friday to get in the required amount of days for the school year. No problem, right? Wrong.

Each year Jacque Boyd, the Charter School director, supplies Gallegos the schedule that she and the governance council have approved. That happens a month in advance of when the Cimarron district OKs its schedule.

Remember that the charter school is a public school within the district. If there are conflicts prior to when the public school schedule comes out, then Gallegos and Boyd should have a conversation to coordinate and amend their schedules.

For the last two years, no attempts have been made to match schedules. This lack of coordination is not helping anyone.

The buses run according to the public school schedule only. No buses run when class is in session on a Friday at MVHS but not in the public schools. Parents then have to figure out how to get their students to school.

When Moreno Valley is not in session but the public schools are, the buses drop off the children along the highway earlier because they don’t have to make a stop at MVHS.

Parents, who think they are on time to pick up their children, find them waiting along the highway for a ride. This is a safety concern, especially in the winter.

For instance, MVHS is returning from Christmas break on Monday, Jan. 3. Public school comes back on Tuesday, Jan. 4, but students will be attending class that Friday, Jan. 7, while MVHS is off that day.

Why didn’t our school leaders work together so all of our children would be in school the same days that week? It wouldn’t be hard to do.

We all know there are certain mandates about the number of days the district has to schedule school. It would be good if our educated leaders could agree on which days those should be.

Note: Editor/publisher Joe Warren has two children who attend Eagle Nest School and one child who attends Moreno Valley High School.