Springing to Life in Springer

Springing to life

 in Springer

We have witnessed a sort of renaissance in Springer:  Several new businesses are springing up around town, several groups are restoring historic mansions in that community and nearby and, in this week’s article by Sherry Goodyear, we see the Springer Chamber of Commerce has many plans in the works.

One of its many projects is the free summer “Concert in the Park” series which will kick off on Monday, May 25, Memorial Day. Local artist and retired art teacher, Rey Gaytan would like to paint Springer Municipal Schools’ football stadium which is one of the historic projects built by the WPA in the 1940s.

The chamber is also partnering with the Colfax County Fair Association to coordinate the Colfax County Fair Parade and is actively welcoming newcomers to town with gift baskets containing items donated from local businesses such as discount cards, mugs, bank information, samples of dog food, and basic information.

The chamber celebrates all new businesses with a ribbon cutting and cake ceremony, and recognizes existing businesses each month to thank them for their contributions to Springer over the years. This issue also features the chamber’s recognition of the Oasis Motel (now called the Oasis H and K Motel ), which has been in business in Springer since the early 1950s.

Word on the street is that everyone from town officials to business owners to chamber of commerce members are coming together in a concerted effort to grow, improve and promote this community. We think that is a positive trend.

Editor’s Note — This editorial is the opinion of the Raton Comet.