Third 4×4 meeting set Wednesday (Oct. 10)

Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) side-by-sides (Internet photo)

The third in a series of Red River Roads Stewardship Collaborative Workshops is set for Wednesday (Oct. 10) from 5:30-8:00 p.m. at the Red River Conference Center.

“We look forward to your participation!” co-organizer Jack Lewis, District Ranger, Questa District, Carson National Forest, wrote in an email to participants. “The first workshop on May 14th involved about 35 members of the community, and the second on August 23rd was a smaller (but very dedicated) group.… We will have lots to discuss and plan on October 10th, so please try to come by. There will be food and refreshments to enjoy (thanks to the National Forest Foundation and the Red River Conference Center, workshop hosts).

“The workshop will aim to create a Stewardship Collaborate plan for seven Forest Service roads that branch out of Red River and that need repair and maintenance to be safe and sustainable. We’ll talk about Collaborative structure and processes, and the leadership that the Red River Off-Road Coalition has already demonstrated in the direction of helping to service Old Red River Pass and bring it back into motorized use (along with other roads as well!). We’ll go over a Road Steward Action Plan template that can be applied to any of the roads that the Collaborative finds to be a priority.

“Engaging a diversity of perspectives is important in producing strong collaborative results. The group so far has identified road maintenance, environmental, law enforcement, and economic values important to the community. Please come and share your viewpoints and knowledge of the roads and their current and hopeful uses.

“The workshop will be facilitated again by a Forest Service partner, the National Forest Foundation (NFF).  You represent an important voice in our community, and we would appreciate your participation in this workshop… Participants should plan to continue their involvement over the next several months….

Staff from the NFF are available to answer questions about the content and format of the workshops:

RSVP to Ben Irey, NFF:; 406-830-3369. Contact Jack Lewis or Eric Garner (575-586-7320;, with any other questions or concerns.

About the NFF

As the nonprofit partner of the U.S. Forest Service, the NFF works with the agency to promote the health and public enjoyment of our 193-million-acre National Forest System. The NFF believes that communities should play a leading role in determining the future of our National Forests and Grasslands, and focuses on connecting these communities, and the people who comprise them, to the tools, knowledge, and funding to become active and devoted stewards of their public lands.

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