Thumbs Up: Red River Community House promotes service and selflessness

Instead of walking their dogs on the trails, hiking or mountain biking, Red River Community House staff and volunteers, locals and guests were busy. They got out their work gloves and shovels and went to work restoring the Red River Nature Trail. Their project will ensure that future generations of residents and visitors can enjoy one of the town’s treasures.

Helping out with the restoration of the Red River Nature Trail is one of the many programs the Community House leads. The history hikes, community movie nights and various festivals bring countless visitors to town and provide locals with educational and family-friendly programs. Its dedication to improving Red River has injected energy into the town for over 70 years.

Every program is designed to nurture an innovative spirit, foster community and cultivate a sense of service among participants. These are values that most everyone agrees are crucial to creating strong and vibrant individuals and communities.

When you’re in Red River this summer make sure to stop by the Community House and say hello. A staff member or volunteer will be happy to tell you about their programming and answer any questions about the town of Red River. If you’re in town Thursday (June 26) stop by the Community House for their Arbor Day celebration at 6 p.m.

The next time you see a bunch of sweaty, shovel-wielding Community House staff and volunteers take the time to speak with them for a few minutes. Most importantly, don’t forget to thank them for everything they do.