Udall votes to preserve net neutrality

Today, U.S. Senator Tom Udall joined a bipartisan group of Senators in voting 52-47 to overturn the Federal Communications Commision’s (FCC) repeal of the 2015 net neutrality rule. Udall released the following statement:

“New Mexicans rely on a free and open internet for work, school, and to connect with the rest of the world. The FCC’s repeal of Net Neutrality undermines the free and open nature of the internet that has made it an essential tool for entrepreneurship, economic activity, and free expression. 

“Today, the Senate heard the voices of the overwhelming majority of Americans who support net neutrality and voted to save the internet. We should be working to expand broadband access in rural states like New Mexico, not building internet toll lanes and stifling access. I hope my colleagues in the House will join with us to protect consumers, preserve the internet’s competition, innovation, and dynamism, and save net neutrality.”