Update: A Springer story — Holli’s goats

Thank you for all the unexpected blessings the announcement of “Holli’s Missing Goats” has brought into her (Holli Faulkner’s) life. While we had all hoped to learn of the fate of the goats, none of us in our wildest dreams imagined what would transpire. No, Holli and Nathan have not learned anything about the missing goats, but what they have learned has proven to be far more valuable. They have learned about human compassion, generosity and the kindness of friends and strangers. First complete strangers from Raton offered their own precious goats, Marigold and Buttercup. Last week, a friend offered Holli a bottle-baby. Then generous Miami and Springer neighbors “from near and far” joined together to give them money they can use for their new goats. These acts have humbled Holli and Nathan with gratitude that’s hard for them to express in words. Heartfelt thanks go to: Paula and JR, Terri, Lisa and R.W. Hampton, Keith Walters, Jeff Anslinger, Susan Potter, Kelly and Ted Lyster, Debbie Sauble and several others who wished to remain anonymous.

You people are unbelievable, but I know that’s how it is in a small community. You can leave – you can come home. You may recognize faces from years past – or sadly you may not. But one thing for sure. You will always be family.

Thank you on behalf of Holli, Nathan and the Scott Family. God Bless you all. And thank you Mike (Ritterhouse) and everyone at Sangre de Cristo Chronicle and the Raton Comet for caring so much about the welfare of your community.

Kaye Scott Helm (Holli’s aunt, Springer native)

Phoenix, Arizona