Village needs to meet its deadlines

The Village of Angel Fire is late in getting a copy of its preliminary annual budget to the New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration.

The first draft was due to the state June 1. When are the village leaders going to wake up and start filing financial documents on time? Officials at the department of finance are losing their patience.

They announced that they will soon begin withholding tax revenues from municipalities that are late in filing financial documents — until they receive them. When we take into account that officials at the village are working hard to get the 2009 and 2010 delinquent audits submitted and will soon need to provide the 2011 audit, being late with the budget is not helping Angel Fire’s case.

The village needs to get out of the finance department’s radar. The village is on the “at risk” list of government agencies that are delinquent with filing their audits. The bright spot is that the village now has a new finance director.

We are sure her experience in accounting and procurement code will help get the village on track — hopefully sooner than later. Administrator Larry Leahy told the Chronicle this week that Isaac Montoya, who is the village’s contact with the department of finance, said he would rather have good numbers than a timely report from the village. Hogwash. And what’s wrong with striving for numbers that are both good and on time?

The village needs to get in the routine of preparing and submitting all financial documents, whether they are budgets or audits, to the department of finance on time. The repercussions for filing late financial documents are becoming too great. It’s time for the village step up and get its act together