Water tank tops Red River’s capital outlay requests

By Eric Heinz<br />Staff writer

Red River officials want to bring in a tank — a $2.1 million water storage tank.

The town listed the storage tank as its top priority for this year’s legislative capital outlay funding, according to the town’s Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan. The town won’t know if it will receive funding for the project until about mid- to late-March.

“We’ve got a place up near Bitter Creek for the tank,” Red River Mayor Linda Calhoun said. “What we’re trying to do now is try to get funding for our match when we get the money from the (Water Trust) Board.”

Calhoun said the town intends to apply for another grant sometime this year from the Water Trust Board.

Additional projects the town has listed are the acquisition of a road grader and dump truck at a cost of $490,000 together.

The aging, but still award-winning, wastewater treatment facility also is on the town’s ICIP.  The town seeks $2.2 million for improvements and equipment.

“We’re looking at system improvements for the entire plant because it’s 30 years old,” Calhoun said. “It’s more than just parts; there’s just a whole component to it.”

Pine Ridge subdivision lines also are on the plan at a cost of $87,000.

Last year, Red River received $50,000 for its Community Service Facility, or day-care purposes.

“We’ll probably need about $160,000 to build it and outfit and put the equipment in it,” Calhoun said.

The water storage tank was built as a means to help with community safety as well as reduce business insurance costs.

“It’s No. 1 because our only water storage tank is up Pioneer Canyon, and if something was to happen up there, that’s our entire water supply,” the mayor said. “It also helps with safety. It also saves our businesses money, because their insurance rates go down. It ensures a better safety for the community.”

The town’s draft comprehensive plan with an outline of goals, needs and future projects is to be adopted at the next council meeting. It will include all the projects for which the town is to apply.

“We’re getting ready to adopt the comprehensive plan, and that’s going to include the projects,” Calhoun said.