Winter Harvest By Ramona Stafford Bagley

Backyard Deer 2014_1228_003 copy
(Photo by Ellen Miller-Goins)

Your first winter, Little Buck

Did your Mother tell you?

The cold, I mean, the ice, the wind?
I am part of that world.
God made me too.
There are things my Mother didn’t tell me.

You look at me in my warm house
And I see a baby in the snow.
But your coat is thick and if God did this it must be good.

When the snow is deep
Corn flies,
Joy, from my fingers.
I sow it onto fresh snow fields.

You jump away,
Though I speak kindly and you know my voice.

For days and days I see you from my window,
Nap time in sunny white fields.
Legs tucked under, chewing.

Grace of a snowed-in world.

Look, little Buck,
Dark patches are growing under aspen and pine,
Circle meets circle.

Then you are gone,
Racing warmer winds.
You will lead the herd one day, little Buck
A part of you knows it.

I know things too.
A part of you is my corn.
You are not mine.
But my corn runs with you.

Editor’s note: This poem won first place in the first-ever poetry contest hosted by the Eagle Nest Bear Benefit in June 2015. The Eagle Nest Bear Benefit is held to raise funds in support of the non-profit New Mexico Wildlife Center in Española, New Mexico.


  1. I think it would be better if you put the author of the poem up under the name of the poem, then you could start the poem without the complication of the name of the author looking like it is the first line of the poem. You also might mention that this was the ‘winning’ poem in the competition …not just an entry.

    • I moved your name, Ramona. However, I do not, at present, have a way to add subheads (or author subheads). I will investigate that and see if there is a way. (I am new to WordPress, so be patient!) — Ellen

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